How to Stage A Kid’s Bedroom

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One of the most important aspects of home staging is to make a home appeal to the widest range of buyers possible. That also includes your kid’s bedroom. And while some buyers may enjoy your kid’s room decor, others may not. Even if you are targeting a family to purchase your home, they will appreciate well organized and clutter-free kids spaces to fall in love with. Follow these tips for staging your kid’s bedroom and get your home sold!

De-Clutter & Organize

You will often hear Home Stagers and Realtors mention de-cluttering as preparation to list and sell your home. Your kid’ rooms are no exception. This is a good time to pack up and sort through their toys in preparation of moving. Clear out as much as possible allowing the room and closets to look more spacious. Go ahead and take the over-sized barbie dream house and larger-than-life teddy bear to storage. toys.jpg

We realize your kids still need some items to play with during your listing time. Have them choose a few of their favorite items to keep out until you move. Investing in some organization will help keep their space clean and tidy while still allowing them to have toys available.

Paint the Walls

We understand that you child is in love with the bubble gum pink on her walls but most buyers will not be. Most buyers will see work and investment in changing it if they purchase your home. Eliminate that issue for them by painting the room a neutral color that will appeal to many different buyers.

Remove the Kid Decor

boy name decalWith the neutral paint color, this is the perfect time to eliminate and pack up the decorative wall decals and decor. The sports themed wall decals and princess themed wall art need to go making room for a clean slate for new buyers. This also includes the now popular “name displays” and photos of your child. For safety reasons, it is best that strangers don’t know the name and image of your child. It also makes it less personal for buyers viewing your home and enables them to visualize themselves in the space.

Keep it Simple

Last but not least, keep it simple. Center the bed in the best possible viewing position in the room, allowing for walking space to closets. Keep the bedding in a simple pattern and color (avoid cartoon characters). Display the paired down toys and kid related items utilizing storage bins and neatly placed displays. Remember, less is more.

Preparing your home to list and sell takes some planning and homework. Don’t leave out the kid’s bedroom from your list! It will make a big difference in your first impression with buyers and offers on the table.


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