The Power of the Complete Package


Would you ever consider trying to sell your listings without a “For Sale” sign? Not likely. So, why are you trying to sell your listings without staging them?

Most Realtors offer their homeowners a benefits package equipped with great deals and perks for listing with them. Have you ever considered adding home staging to that list of benefits? With 95% of ASP staged homes selling on average in 11 days or less and for 17% more than non-staged homes, you should!

Don’t underestimate the power of the complete package. Homeowners who are trying to sell their home are already overwhelmed when they knock on your door. They have nervously made the decision to make this life-altering leap to sell, pack, move and buy a new home. The decision alone was hard enough, now to put it all in action! Offering the services of a home stager as part of your benefits package can make a huge difference in easing the stress of your homeowner.

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But, how does this help you as the Realtor? You are ensuring your listings are as ready for the market as your “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Your listings consistently become fresh, clean and photo-ready. You will have products that you can market and sell easier and faster. Who wouldn’t like that?

Staging doesn’t have to break the bank. Don’t believe all the hype that staging is only for million dollar homes. Most staging services are offered in packages and accommodate both lived-in homes and vacant. Do your research on what you get for the price and the quality of work each staging company offers.

Building it into your benefits package

Keep it simple. Most Realtors pay for the staging upfront, while agreeing to subtract the service fee once the property is sold. The homeowner is more likely to accept the offer and help of staging when it is covered for them. And they will be more than happy to deduct that expense once their property is sold.

If you are looking for something new to add to your marketing plan, staging is the way to go! Building home staging into a package deal is a great marketing tool that will benefit both you and your homeowners.


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