8 Steps to Stage Your Closets


Ask any Realtor if potential home buyers open closets doors and you will get a resounding yes! Some of the most common reasons people are buying a new home is for improved space and that often means in the closets and cabinets.

Here are 8 Steps to Stage Your Closets.

  1. White is King. There is no substitute for a can of white paint. Yes, we are suggesting you paint your closet. The fresh bright white paint will reflect light and make it appear bigger and cleaner. This includes painting inside vanities. And if you can’t paint inside the vanities, opt for white shelf liners.
  2. Eliminate. Since everything is already out of the closet anyway since you painted, be very picky on what comes back in. Be realistic with yourself on what you need. Throw away broken and worn items. Donate the rest of what you don’t need. hangers.jpg
  3. Happy Hangers. Invest in some new, matching hangers. Keeping hangers and solid colored organizers matching to eliminate the visual clutter that a closet already tends to have.
  4. Space savers. If you are storing large bulky bedding items like blankets and pillows, you may want to think about space saving bags that will condense these items allowing your closets to have more space.
  5. Nothing on the top shelf or bottom/floor. Keeping the top shelf and floor of a closet free of items will help with the allusion that the space is bigger.
  6. Reflections & Lights. If you have a walk-in closet, try to incorporate a mirror into the space. This will help reflect light and open up the space. Clean your lighting fixtures and replace light bulbs. grocery shelves
  7. Grocery Store Style. When we talk about cabinets (kitchen or bathrooms) again, de-clutter these as much as possible. Then, organize them as you would see in a grocery store space. Straight rows, labels facing out, collect small items inside baskets, containers, etc.
  8. What’s that smell? Smells matter to buyers. Keep your closet dry and freshly scented. Avoid adding strong scents in closets spaces and opt for clean fresh air scents. There are many odor eliminator products that will take away any odors without masking with a strong scent.

Follow these 8 steps when staging your closets and impress buyers with your amazing storage and space!


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