Where did all the furniture go?

Where Did All The Furniture Go-

As you watch all the home improvement shows these days, do you ever wonder what happens to all the beautiful, properly placed furniture and décor after the show?

Home staging often involves finding and selecting furniture that best suits the space. The concept harkens back to the original furniture stores that set up mock living rooms showing how pieces could be grouped and matched with coffee and end tables, sculptures, and even wall hangings and area rugs. Like those stores, staging companies may furnish a vacant home with attractive pieces that complement the space and show it to its best advantage. Creative ideas can inspire prospective home buyers who may then decide to purchase the display furniture in addition to the property. After all, that furniture was selected to best utilize that space.


Interior decorators understand the dichotomy between furnishings and space. Popular examples include television series Fixer Upper, Property Brothers and the new series, Good Bones. In Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines’ creative use of new and old materials shows how different textures and colors can coordinate and create an attractive and functional space for new residents. While Gaines also incorporates creative re-purposing of materials for decorative uses to fill shelves, cabinets, and tabletops, the results of her work do not feel cluttered.



shakertown-kitchen-1.jpgEffective home staging involves more than simply plopping down some tables and chairs in an empty room. It requires an understanding of the home’s style and how furniture supports contemporary lifestyles. That old CRT television might work perfectly fine hooked up to an antenna, but its bulk dates the interior and adds clutter. People may dump their mail, hats, gloves, purses, and whatnot on the kitchen table, but such clutter only looks untidy. “Tablescapes” offer clean, functional surfaces upon which select items can be placed to demonstrate practical use and adequate space.

Home staging not only considers the style and size of the furniture, but also its placement. Furniture groupings may impart a sense of spaciousness, as opposed to furniture shoved against the walls. Area rugs offer space definition and also contribute to the perception of a room’s size. Mixing furniture placement, such as moving an armchair from the living room to the master bedroom or a small side table to the entry, may add more punch anchoring or dressing up a space for which its wasn’t originally intended.

DSC_0618.JPGHome stagers accomplish all of this with a warehouse full of transitional furniture and décor pieces suited to a variety of homes. Once a house is sold and the furniture and décor are no longer needed, those items are picked back up and stored in the warehouse awaiting the next staging job. So, now you know the real secret behind “Where did all the furniture go?”

Good staging imparts a designer look that not only offers a lived-in ambiance and shows the functionality of the room, but suggests decorative potential. Ask Amy Staging shows homebuyers how great their new home looks with furniture and décor that fit the space and style of the home.

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