The Perfect Paint Job

When preparing to sell your home, spruce up the house with a fresh coat of paint. No one knows more about revitalizing old buildings than the pros from This Old House, which offers valuable tips to help you paint like a professional. They won’t save time, but the results will look terrific.Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

  1. Empty the room and protect the floor. Move everything out of the room. Be sure to spread high quality drop cloths over the floor to catch paint splatters.
  2. Repair cracks, dents, and holes. Fix cracks, dents, and holes before opening that first can of paint. Damaged wood requires specialized treatment separate from drywall. Then sand all walls to smooth out chipped paint and surface variations as well as to create a better surface for paint to adhere.
  3. Tape off edges, windows, trim. Take the time to perform this step toprevent paint from spreading onto surfaces where it doesn’t belong. Use a utility knife to cut the skin of paint before removing the tape to ensure a clean edge of separation.
  4. Use primer. Primer establishes a solid, even base for the paint and seal stains that might bleed through the paint. Experts advise priming the entire wall surface, as primed spots will show through the paint against unprimed areas.
  5. Use top quality paint. High quality paint offers better coverage and protection. The Family Handyman recommends mixing multiple gallons of paint in a bucket to avoid color variations between cans. Latex paints work well for interior walls and new trim; however, oil-based paints work best for restoration work and exterior walls and trim. Apply at least two coats for adequate coverage. Sand any rough spots and bumps between coats to ensure a smooth finish. Paint that dries too fast leaves a streaked or spotty finish; therefore be careful not to spread too thin a coat on the walls.
  6. Use the proper equipment. For covering large areas of blank wall, nothing beats a roller. Rollers need not be expensive. Remember that rollers with a deeper nap hold more paint and leave more texture behind. Invest your money in a top quality paint brush. Select brushes with softer, tapered, angled bristles for a smooth and even spread.
  7. Work from the ceiling down. DIY Network advises painting the ceiling first, then the crown molding, then the walls, then the trim around windows and doors, and finally the baseboard. The top-down progression avoids carrying dust and grit from the floor up the walls.

Color Trends

When choosing paint, color comes a close second sherwin williams grays 2to quality. An outdated or unattractive color can be worse than no fresh coat of paint. The “gray craze” so popular on the West Coast has begun to fade, and new palette preferences may take about three years to travel from the coast to Ohio. Ask Amy Staging sees a shift from gray to grayish colors, specifically taupe, which is a combination of tan and gray. Our top picks for paint colors are “Analytical Gray SW7051,” “Amazing Gray 7044,” and “Mindful Gray SW7016.”

poised-taupe-sherwin-williams-2017Sherwin Williams predicts that that the go-to color for 2017 is “Poised Taupe 6039.” This neutral color avoids the blandness of beige and imparts a cozy feeling, aligning with hygge, the Danish buzzword that inspires interior designers these days. Sherwin Williams also predicts that “cornflower hues,” greens and reds inspired by nature, and “vintage pastels” will not only coordinate beautifully with taupe, but also see popularity as this year’s favored colors. For more inspiration, the Sherwin Williams 2017 Colormix offers contemporary options to suit every palette.

Consider these colors when choosing that perfect paint color for your house. It will keep your color scheme updated even as fashionable palettes change.




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