7 Tips for Buying Home Decor


The number one challenge most of our clients face is selecting and pulling together home decor. So, we thought we would share some tips and tricks to selecting home decor.

  1. Know your size limits. The very FIRST thing we do when focusing on decor for a specific space is to measure the space. If it is a shelf, we are looking for how tall the accessory can bookshelf-1be. Width is equally important so we know how much we need to fill. Take notes of these measurements and carry with you so that when you are shopping you can easily refer back to your space.
  2. Identify. We have all been on pinterest and houzz to get inspiration. Take note of those inspirations and identify what you are searching for when shopping. For example, a basket, a vase, 3 books, 2 plants, etc. Having a soft list of items you are looking for will make the hunt a little less overwhelming.
  3. Choose items that are meaningful or tell a story. A beautiful home is only as good as the family living there. Your home decor should tell your story. Try to incorporate items into your home decor that are important to your story, your travels, the important people in your life, etc.
  4. Shop your home. Before you shop, look around your house and try to use items you already have. We love to repurpose items from around the house and place into new spaces. This offers a newfound love for these old pieces and is less of a blow to your budget.
  5. Alternate heights. This tip is more for after you buy your items and start styling but it is helpful to bedside-tableknow when you are out shopping for those new items. One of the most important styling tips we use is incorporating pieces with a variety of heights to add visual interest and depth. Layering tall things with medium sized things with short things is important, so try to buy items of all sizes and shapes. The more diverse in height, shape, texture, even color (to an extent) the better.
  6. Add books. Books are an important component to a styled space. When picking books for your decor space, look for titles that may help “tell your story” or for spine colors that work with your room. Books offer multiple purposes in decor spaces. Their color and texture provide some variety. They can also help elevate other decor pieces to meet the alternating heights tip we mentioned earlier.


  7. Only buy what you LOVE. Only buy what you are absolutely in-love with. Don’t ever buy just to buy, especially when you feel desperate to get the job done. Hold off and wait for things you love to ensure you will still love them (and your space) months or even years from now. Finding items that fit the bill is a process.

In short, here’s our advise for buying YOUR perfect home decor accessories:

Quick Tips!

  • Measure
  • Identify
  • Tell your story
  • Shop your home
  • Tall + Medium + Short
  • Books
  • Buy what you LOVE!

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