6 Secrets to Staging

Exciting – you bought a new home! Now you need to sell your current home. Just as you wouldn’t sell your car without cleaning out the fast food wrappers, sweeping it out and giving it a good wash – you shouldn’t list your house without giving it some extra attention.

To start, a vigorous purging, de-cluttering and cleaning session is a must before starting any staging.

Here are 6 secrets to staging your house to make it look great for potential buyers.

DSC_0448#1. Never block a fireplace with furniture. It’s an asset to buyers, so highlight it instead by arranging the furniture in a way that makes it the focal point.

#2. In an open concept layout, don’t block the flow of traffic or visual connection to the rest of the space.

#3. Pay attention to a room’s balance. If the architecture is symmetrical, the decor should be too.


#4. Put away small appliances and keep the kitchen counter tops as clutter-free as possible. The more surface space the buyers see, the larger the kitchen will appear. Also, remove anything placed on top of the cabinets. This will make the space feel larger as well.


#5. Arrange extra pillows on the bed in the master bedroom to make it extra inviting Timberfield Bedroom
and luxurious. Fresh new bedding in a neutral tone will make a difference to home buyers seeking a master retreat.

#6. On a long bathroom counter, clear off all the daily clutter. Replace it with a few decor items like folded white towels, flowers and a vase to give the space style without cluttering it.

These 6 small secrets to staging will go a long way in getting your home ready to sell! #stagingwork


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