Preparing to Sell: In-Depth

Preparing to Sell your house is a very daunting task. Homeowners often get overwhelmed over where to start and end up not starting anything at all. We will share our in-depth “To- Do List” that will guide you through the process of preparing to sell your home.

before&after clutterClosets, Pantries, Cabinets – Oh my! Yes, potential buyers will be looking in all your closets, pantries and cabinets. We recommend starting here. Going through and eliminating items you no longer use or need and don’t want to move to your new location is a great way to eliminate clutter.

Pick one room.

  • Purge items no longer needed
  • Remove them from the room
  • Deep Clean as you go
  • Maintain one purpose per room (if it is a bedroom, keep it as a bedroom eliminating anything that doesn’t belong in a bedroom)

Focus on one drawer.drawer org.

  • Invest in a few wire or plastic dividers
  • Empty out the entire drawer, wipe it down
  • position the dividers and group like items together

Reduce Visual Clutter.

De-cluttering isn’t about getting rid of extra stuff; it’s about giving the eye (and mind) a break from the hubbub of daily life.

In a living room the key elements to start with include a sofa, love seat, accent chair and the tv/tv stand. If you have a rug, include it to ground the furniture. End tables and lampsbookcases should remain but keep free of any unneeded clutter. Refrain from adding too much more to the space.

For Open Storage – take stock of what’s stored there and use quick de-cluttering strategies to update it. Start by removing everything and cleaning the shelves. Then return only half of the items, grouping them by color (all white dishware for example) or style (all bowls together).

Closet Clutter Clues.

closet linenClosets are a big deal in selling a house. Every potential buyer is seeking more closet space and adequate closet space. Make sure yours stands out and impresses those potential buyers by being orderly, clean and yes staged! We recommend nothing on the top shelf and nothing on the bottom. This gives the allusion that there is more than enough room in the closet.


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